IMG_2164BRIAN TAIT grew up immersed in Florida’s late 80’s & 90’s scenes, making ‘zines, playing music, and building skate ramps with his friends in every place they could find. Late nights of dumpster diving for wood and mornings of cutting transitions, were among his first forays into alternative DIY creativity. Always on the streets skateboarding dropped Tait into other worlds, one of the most prominent Graffiti. Stemming from the graffiti influence he went into Sign Painting and the Sign Craft, which would set the tone for the next 15 years. His philosophy: Do something different, stretch the boundaries, stand for something. Tait’s work is all by-products of the prevalent punk attitude and the observations he’s made of the world around him. Love for traditional techniques mixed with the influence of architecture, art nouveau, and his ongoing exploration, has produced a wide range of tangents including graffiti, sculpture, furniture, and folk influenced work.